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D1SoftballNews.com – Giro d’Italia 2022: official departures from Salò and Pontedilegno

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The Bresciano becomes king of the mountain stages at the Giro 2022: of the six overall, in fact, two and of absolute importance depart from our province. It was in the air, like anticipated by the GdB today, but now it’s official: the 105th edition of the Corsa Rosa has removed the veil on some of the most awaited fractions, and among these there are the Salò-Aprica (200 km for 5,440 meters of positive altitude difference), but also the Ponte di Legno-Lavarone (165 km for 3,740 meters of elevation gain).

The Salò-Aprica (200 km), will be a very hard stage with a sequence of climbs, some of which have been rediscovered after many years. Departure from Salò to bring inside the Valsabbia and after Bagolino climb the Goletto di Cadino (last passage in 1998 on the occasion of Pantani’s victorious ride to Montecampione).

So, from the Pass of Crocedomini we will descend towards Breno to go up the Valcamonica and attack the Mortirolo da Monno (as in 2017) to go down to Grosio and travel the Sforzato wine roads to which the stage is dedicated (Sforzato Wine Stage), climb Teglio (the place that gives its name to the valley) and then reach Aprica through the Valico di Santa Cristina on whose last passage was in 1999. With the passage from Salò, the Giro returns to the Garda: the last time was only last year when the pink race it touched our province in Pozzolengo.

“This initiative is part of the great sporting tradition of our municipality – commented the mayor of Salò Gianpiero Cipani -, which in the past has inspired great cycling events, such as the first world championship in 1962 and the beautiful stage of the Giro d’Italia. time trial in 2001 “.

Giro d’Italia 2022: the altitude of the mountain stage in a very large part of Brescia between Salò and Aprica

It will then be the pearl of Alta Valcamonica to give the emotions of a starting point of the stage: divided into two parts, the stage will see the peloton immediately point upwards to grab the Passo del Tonale: from there they will follow over 70 km always substantially downhill. After crossing the Adige, the climb to Palù di Giovo (fief of the Mosers) is climbed, passing through the Mocheni Valley to reach Pergine Valsugana and the final which alone deserves all the stars of difficulty of the stage. After Pergine you climb the Passo del Vetriolo from an unprecedented slope and the ascent of the Menador with its narrow hairpin bends and the typical tunnels of the roads carved into the rock for war reasons (it was called Kaiserjägerweg). At the top of the Monte Rovere GPM, a few undulating kilometers will bring a very small group to the finish.

«The Giro d’Italia chooses once again Pontedilegno-Tonale, – the Dalignese mayor Ivan Faustinelli rejoices – our district has hosted several times both arrivals and departures of the famous pink race and this new start that has been entrusted to us for 2022 makes us proud and fills us with joy. We consider it a prestigious recognition for these great mountains with the Gavia, Mortirolo, Tonale Passes, where important pages in the history of cycling have been written thanks to athletes who have made them immortal with their exploits. These Passes, these mountains every year attract cycling enthusiasts from all over the world, fascinated by the images they have seen on television during the various editions of the Giro d’Italia, which represents a beautiful showcase for us ».

Giro d’Italia 2022: from Ponte di Legno to Lavarone, immediately uphill to the Tonale

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